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Does Your Porsche Have This Winning Color? [Weekly Car News Round up]

Posted by Justin Duthie on

From planes, trains to EV cars, this week news captures it all.

Porsche ran a color tournament and this was the outcome.

Porsche called on its fans to help them select the all-time favorite Porsche car color on Twitter. When the results rolled in, the top four picks all but one shared one thing in common: they were all blue. Ultimately though, Sapphire Metallic won. The so-called “‘color tournament’” was divided into four segments: classic, modern, metallic, and non-metallic. The winner Sapphire Metallic as its name implies was categorized under the metallics group.

A new Bentley Bentayga may not cost you 6 figures if you did this.

Bentley’s SUV Bentayga screams ultra-luxury with its enviable features, and the 6-figure price tag reflects this. However, for a limited time, one fan had the opportunity to own this dream vehicle for way less. How? Well, Omaze held a sweepstake. The sweepstake did two things. First, by entering, a participant was supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and second the winner is to receive a 2021 Bentley Bentayga V8. The winnings will also come with $20,000 cash to help pay for gas, taxes, insurance and etc. The sweepstake has now closed, and a winner will be announced on May 5th, 2021.

Get your kids ready for an EV future. These toys may help.

Mattel is investing early in your child’s EV dreams . The company is launching a new collection of real-life electric vehicles and hybrid cars for its miniatures play world.  The toys will also be made from 99% recycled material to drive the theme of sustainability home. Kids will get to play with a Tesla Roadster and other cars like Nissan, Toyota, and BMW. The company’s goal is to help kids become conscious of the environment by immersing them in a playtime with toys that feature eco-friendly pieces and themes like electric cars.

Mercedes S-Class goes electric.

Recently, Mercedes unveiled its EQS which is their S-Class EV car. This new vehicle is to offer the same kind of luxury, handling, and performance as its S-Class, but in the way of an electric vehicle. Daimler is joining the ranks of others to transition into an electric market. Their new EQS is built on a platform that is dedicated to its EV cars only and it is the first to be built on this platform. The inside of the vehicle features a digital panel and steers clear of any shortfalls that its first EV the EQV SUV had. So far, analysts believe the EQS will deliver especially when it comes to the luxury experience for which Mercedes is known.

In France, you may  soon have to catch a train rather than a plane.

France is serious when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. The French National Assembly just voted to ban short-haul flights that are 2.5 hours or less. The plan has to be formally approved, and once it is the change will mean a few things. First, the ban does not apply to international travel with connecting flights, and the ban would ultimately only impact just five domestic routes. Second, this ban would encourage more train travel through Frances high-speed train network - at least that is the hope.


Yamaha develops a motor meant for an EV hypercar.

There are many players and types of vehicles in or coming to the new EV market, but an EV hypercar is yet to be one of them. However, it seems Yamaha may have the solution. The company has developed an electric motor that is an 800-volt unit and is capable of generating 469 horsepower. Their new motor will debut at the 2021 Automotive Engineering Exposition in Yokohama, Japan (May 26-28). Yamaha will start accepting commission projects to build prototype vehicles this month.