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This Car Does A Crab Walk [Weekly Car News Round up]

Posted by Justin Duthie on

From recalls to crab walking cars, you won't want to miss some of this week's most popular headlines.


The EV marketing is getting bigger and so are the cars.

It’s no secret that GM’s goal is to become a fully electric vehicle manufacturer, and they are hoping to do it by 2035. With that said, here are two of their newest EV announcements and future announcements, and beware they are BIG, literally. First, GM plans on releasing their new Hummer which is slated for production in early 2023. The Hummer will have a 300 mile range and it will cost $110,595. This price tag though includes an interesting feature. The car will be able to move diagonally or crab walk. Basically, the wheels will move diagonally while the vehicle itself remains completely straight. Now crab walking walking isn’t something you require, then GM’s confirmation of their new electric Chevy Silverado pick up truck maybe something to look forward to. According to General Motor’s President, Mark Reuss, the Chevrolet pick up truck will take everything that currently appeals to the loyal truck buyer and put it into an EV truck platform. It is unknown when the Silverado will go into production but industry experts believe it may happen sometime next year.

Much like GM, it appears that Mercedes-Benz is also planning on making one of its iconic utility vehicles into an electric version. So far there is not a lot of information except that Mercedes plans on making an electric G Wagen. Typically the G Wagen (Gelandewagen) has one of the worst mpg’s, so an electric version may be a game changer for this luxury vehicle. An electric G Wagen may not be that hard to envision. In fact in, 2017 Arnold Schwarzenegger had an Austrian Tuner company custom covert a  G Wagen into an electric version.


Some good news and some bad news for Porsche owners.

We’ll start with the bad news first. Porsches 911s and 718 Boxters and Caymans have recalls scheduled for May 23rd. When it comes to the 911s there is a software failure that is impacting only 7 units and includes the 2019 Speedster, 2020 Carrera S, 4S and Coupe models, and the Carrera S Cabriolet. As far as the 718s, the issues are a little more serious. The NHTSA is recalling an estimated 190 units that have loosed connecting rods in the engine. These units include the 718 Cayman GTS 4.0, the GT4, the Boxster GTS 4.0 and the Spyder.

Now on to the good news. On April 10th, it appears some lucky Porsche enthusiast may have the opportunity to own Jerry Seinfeld’s former 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The car features a Liquid Chrome Blue Metallic paint job, G-Style wing, and it has a smaller rear wing that’s included with the purchase. Plus, there’s even better news! The car has a sticker price of $450,000 (it has $250k worth of add-ons), but the auction house Bohnams is valuing it at an estimated $290k to $330K, and that’s also with just 1,500 miles on it.


CarMax is gearing up to become the leader in online shopping tools.

CarMax is acquiring all of Together the companies have already created tools like Online Instant Offer. The purchase will only further CarMax’s ability to grow as a used car dealer while providing even useful shopping tools and innovative products.


This British car brand in now Japanese.

VT Holdings is acquiring the British car brand Caterham. The company has imported Caterhams to Japan since 2009. It’s CEO Kazuho Takahashi is a race car enthusiast, and his company’s acquisition of the Caterham may allow this beloved ICE sports car brand to stay around for a while longer.