Is Porsche Coming Back To The Track?  [ Weekly Car News Round Up]

Is Porsche Coming Back To The Track? [ Weekly Car News Round Up]

The fast-pace car industry has new developments each day. Here a few of the most memorable ones we captured this week!

Will we see Porsche on the race track again? Maybe and maybe not.

Porsche may be coming back to Formula 1, but only once they have switched to synthetic fuels. And, even then it's a big MAYBE. According to BBC, this new development appears it may be a way to get Formula 1 to also adopt e-fuels. Porsche is heavily investing in synthetic fuels, and this switch is believed to provide many benefits. Porsche believes that e-fuels can cut emissions by 85%, and also allows ICE cars to remain on the roads. 


Is there a such thing as too much horsepower? Car Maker Hennessey thinks not.

American carmaker Hennessey will be introducing a 1000 horsepower upgrade to the McLaren 765LT. The factory 765 LT, according to John Hennessey, is "underrated" at 765 - HP, so this $25K upgrade will give it that extra boost. The upgrade will entail fitting it with new high-flow air filters and a stainless steel downpipe. With this tweak, one can expect to hit 60 mph in just 2.1 seconds. Wow!


Aston Martin will be joining others in a move to building electric cars.

By 2025, Aston Martin will be making electric cars at its plant in Gaydon in the Midlands and St. Athan in Wales. The announcement comes as UK's government has set rules that require every new vehicle sold in Britain to be electric or hybrid by 2030. Prior to taking this new direction, Aston Martin announced that they would continue to make ICE cars only. The company has recently struggled with losses as well as a dip in demand.


Something unexpectedly fast is coming can the Porsche's Taycan keep up?

On March 15th, KIA plans to reveal its new EV6 electric car. It is touted to be really fast, possibly somewhere between the Porsche Taycan Turbo and the Taycan Turbo S. A KIA investor presentation shows the car to have a target speed  of 0-62 mph in a time of 3 seconds, and supposedly a speed of about 162 mph. A riveting teaser of the new KIA car was release on Tuesday, March 9th.


You won't see Singer's ACS on their website. Here's why...

According to Autoblog, Porsche has asked Singer to take down the safari 911 All-Terrain Competition Study from their website and promotional content. Promo images show the car sporting the words Porsche in a similar wide set font, and was possibly suggestive of an association with the Porsche brand. Porsche believes that this may cause confusion leading to people thinking that Porsche and Singer are one of the same.


That's it for this week! See you next Friday! 

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