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Cadillac will be an EV manufacturer by 2030 [Weekly Car News Round Up]

Posted by Justin Duthie on

This week's news is filled with milestones and big announcements that include autonomous driving.

Cadillac is doing away with ICE cars by 2030.


According to Cadillac, last year’s Escalade will be the last ICE vehicle for the brand, and with that the automaker has announced that it will be an EV manufacture by 2030. Cadillac recently unveiled the 2023 Cadillac Lyric SUV; it’s the brands first all-electric vehicle with a driving range of 300 miles for a single charge.


In the UK you won’t to need use your hands to drive starting this year.


The UK is moving ahead with allowing vehicles using automated lane-keeping systems (ALKS) on the road. This autonomous driving system will keep drivers in their lane, and limit them to a speed of 37 mph. Driver won’t have to keep their hands on the wheel or monitor the road, but the vehicle’s hazard lights will come on and ultimately the vehicle will come to a stop if the driver fails to respond within 10 seconds.



Audi’s electric vehicle celebrates a big milestone.


Audi has completed the production of its 100,000th Audi E-Tron. The company has been making these all electric vehicles since 2018. This production milestone comes as the Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportsback has seen a 10 percent increase in sales in the US and 80% increase in sales overall.



At some point we have probably all been passengers in this 25-year old GM car.


The GM G Van that debut in 1996 is celebrating its 25th birthday. What makes this van special is not only how long its been around and that its remained rather unchanged through the years, but it’s special in that many of us have been in one without ever owning one. This iconic van has been a consistent shuttle van in most American’s lives.



You’ll feel like royalty in this Range Rover.


The Cambridge’s (Price William and Kate Middleton) Range Rover is changing hands again. The luxury vehicle will be sold by Bonhams this coming month. It has 38,420 miles on it and may sell for somewhere between $42,000 and $56,000K. What makes this Range Rover unique other then its previous owners is that it still features the Royal Household’s vehicle registration numbers - usually those are changed.